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We are loaded with legacy audio and video equipment for archival transfers to digital files.  What makes our archiving different than other facilities is that we can also restore the sound during the transfer process.  We can eliminate, buzzes, hums, ticks, pops and general equalization issues to ensure the best possible end product.

Two state of the art HD stages located in the heart of midtown with private lounges, Green Room, prep kitchens and full size camera ready kitchen set. We also have HD location packages for all your remote production needs.

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Post Production Sound

Our foley pits

We are experts in creating and meeting all standards for International (filled) M&E stems.  Most post audio production houses that are involved with the original domestic version of the project treat the Intl. stems as a secondary concern, just a way to meet their contractual deliverables.  Their final product usually winds up being a just slightly changed domestic stem that is missing many of the Foleys and hard sfx.  Just borrowing pieces of available production audio from the domestic stems and then placing it in the new Intl. stems does not actually make a true filled Intl. M&E. 

We add clothing rustles, footsteps, hard sfx, and also create a new mix that incorporates these elements.  We can also mix undipped versions of the M&E from an existing Protools session or stem. We can even meet the German standards for M&E’s!

​Intl. M&E Creation

Our partner, Paul Michael, has been at the forefront of the audio restoration/salvaging niche even before the invention of digital applications. He was instrumental in developing the Emmy award winning Sonic Solution’s NoNoise™ system, which became the ultimate restoration software.  His project list includes hundreds of “A” feature films, Indies and television shows. One project that was a standout for him was the Orson Welles’ 1952 film, Othello. “What made it special was the preservationist's desire to restore the audio but not make it too clean or digital sounding.   It was a fascinating balance, trying to get the best of both the digital and analog world.” 

​​Our restoration service can be a huge help for any problematic audio that may come up during your production.  Instead of abandoning, cutting around or subtitling, we can fix the sections and bring them up to broadcast standards.

We offer complete sound packages that includes Sound Design, VO and ADR record, Dialogue edit, Original Music composition, Music Library selection, Foleys and final mix in 7.1/5.1 Theatrical Features and TV Broadcast. All of our mixes are ready for stem deliverables in every possible format a network or distributor could ask for.  We have streamlined the audio post workflow so that our turnaround times are fast and reliable. Please look at the "Our Work" page to see some great examples of the range of work we do.